Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hi everybody, firstly, we would like to announce our reopening of our will be this Friday (19.06.2020). 

Secondly, this week's shipment will come on Thursday (18.06.2020).
However, it seems that Diamond had missed sending out the cartons which are filled with this week's comics to the shipping company. So, coming is only comic short boxes we ordered.

We know this sounds ridiculous but it is true! We are devastated because we need to pay about S$350.00 for clearance fees, document fees, etc. excluding the weight.

This is what Diamond wrote to us:


Boxes left behind


Kyle Kreamer

5:26 AM (12 hours ago)

to me

We found five boxes for you that were left behind in our warehouse.  We will get them included in next week’s shipment.  
Please hold off on reporting any shortages from this week’s shipment until you receive them.  
You can send any damages you have though.  If you have any questions let me know.  Thanks.